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PWI Stream monitor Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine

PWI Stream Monitor Addon – is an extension module for Wowza Streaming Engine which allows to manipulate with ingest streams and output stream depending on the certain events in streams behavior .

Main features of the module are:

  • server side bumper video until live stream is published or if live stream was temporary dropped
  • failover switching to secondary ingest stream if primary stream was temporary dropped
  • instant switching between primary and secondary streams without any delay and image hanging
  • starting to pull IP camera stream upon HLS player request and stopping pull after playback

The first scenario is very simple: the module monitors the incoming stream, and in case of problems with ingest , switches the output to LOS video file. The Loss of signal file can be, for example EBU test card (by default), TV logo screen, commercial, or playlist of commercials. You can configure any video file in the FLV or MP4 format. The option is suitable for the following use cases:

  • to inform viewers that the stream is temporarily down and keep their players' connected to the server
  • to prevent a new record to be created when you publish live stream to social networks like VK.com after source stream interruption
  • to play bumper videos or advertisement rolls before live event and/or during live event

The module has configuration settings to change stream failure sensitivity. Switching could be done upon the source stream will be unpublished completely or after the fluctuation in the frequency of incoming packets is being detected. This allows to configure bumper video to be displayed when the stream starts to "freeze" but not unpublished completely yet.

The second scenario allows to switch the input from primary stream to corresponding failover stream (stream with _secondary suffix in the name). If both primary and failover streams are down bumper video will start to play in the loop. When source stream quality is restored the module will switch the output back to primary stream. This failover capability is helpful for a single server deployment since Wowza supports failover for Wowza edges only.

In the case when your primary and secondary (failover) streams are encoded exactly the same (aligned time codes) the third feature of instant switching between primary and secondary streams could be used. The module will change the source instantly - there will be no 12sec delay in switching like on Wowza's edges , there will be no delay at all - this is video frame level switching.

And a final additional scenario supported by the module is auto start of IP camera streams upon HLS player's request. HLS protocol requires the stream to be published on Wowza server before the time HLS player requests the stream to play. But this is not make any sense to keep Wowza pulling the streams from many IP cameras all the time if you do not require 24/7 recording and has a limited number of concurrent viewers. By using the module you can play the streams from 1000s of security IP cams without network to be overwhelmed and server's resources overload

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