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PWI Playlist management Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine

PWI playlist management Addon – is an extension module for Wowza Streaming Engine and web management console intended for TV automation and playout scheduling tasks. The Addon allows to create dynamic video playlist mixed from MP4 files and live streams and to publish them 24/7 like regular TV station. Server side stream publishing by the Addon reduces the number of components which are required in case of TV automation in an encoder software and subsequent publishing to Wowza Streaming Engine. Also with server side approach you always can provide the TV automation service to your end users and they will create their own TV channels.

Key features:

  • Low priority default playlist to loop MP4 files in the specified or random order 24/7
  • Scheduled playlists to publish MP4 files or ingest live stream at the specified time
  • Weekly schedule of playlists
  • High priority playlists to immediate switching to new MP4 or to live stream
  • Playlists dynamic editing at anytime (add/delete/change order of items)
  • Live stream or file emergency news inserts
  • Advertisement pauses
  • Live stream to MP4 files switching in case of live stream outage
  • Auto detection of newer files in the directory
  • Support of S3 and other cloud storages
  • No server or application restart is required to change playlist and schedule
  • Records live streams for future publishing from MP4 file
  • Simple web management interface
  • Rest API for integration of the module with third party control panels and web portals
  • Publishing of the stream to YouTube other social nets or CDNs
  • Multiply Wowza server scalable deployment

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