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PWI Time-shift streaming Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine

PWI Time-shift Streaming Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine allows re-broadcasting original live stream with the fixed time delay. Delay value could be configured from 2sec up to 24h. Most usual scenarios the module is used are:

  • OTT services use the module for TV channels streaming over time zones. For example Europe and Asia to US to make possible to watch TV shows of the present morning at the morning hours in US.
  • IP camera streaming over time zones.
  • Delayed IP camera streaming to public services like YouTube for security reasons.
  • Delayed stream to synchronize processing.

In case you need to stream TV to viewers in time zones different from the broadcaster or require time-delayed re-broadcast of live event Time-shift Streaming Addon is right for you. The stream is delayed server side and no special video player is required. The module is easy to install and configure. A few number of delay values could be configured for the same source stream to get multiply output streams respectively. For example live TV broadcast and 5 streams delayed streams with: 30min, 3h, 6h, 8h and 12h. The Time-shift Streaming Addon was deployed in many international companies for TV channels streaming over the time zones.

Main features of the module:

  • The module supports all protocols that Wowza is capable to receive and to stream with: RTMP, HTTP (HLS, DASH), RTP/RTSP (WebRTC), MPEG-TS (SRT).
  • No special video player is required like if to implement the same with nDVR approach.
  • The stream can be played directly from Wowza or published to YouTube, FaceBook, any public Content Delivery Network ( CDN ) and etc by using standard Wowza stream target methods.
  • Configuration file for static setup and REST API to configure the module on the fly.
  • Video stream is cached in a memory or recoded to temporary MP4 files being erased with the configurable retention period.
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