About PWI company

Since 2012, our company has been an official partner of Wowza Media Systems in Russia and the CIS countries. PWI is the only company in the Russian Federation specializing in the supply of licenses, system integration and the customization of Wowza products for end-user tasks. We carry out technical expertise of projects, work on their implementation and, together with the manufacturer, provide further support. Among our customers are corporate clients, telecom operators, government agencies, and media companies.

Wowza's technical expertise and years of successful collaboration have been recognized by the manufacturer as PWI's Wowza Channel Partner status. Wowza Media recommends us as your preferred distributor and authorized Wowza consultant. In addition to the implementation and integration of Wowza products in customer projects, much attention is paid to research and development. This allowed PWI to create and offer users several unique software solutions that extends the basic capabilities of the Wowza Streaming Engine media server. The company's products are used by more than 700 customers from Russia, the USA, England, Brazil, Spain, India, Italy, Germany and other countries.

The company has a staff of highly qualified specialists in the development of solutions for streaming video on the Internet, the creation of interactive video services, system administration of Windows / Linux, and interaction with contractors has been established.

The company is interested in stable and long-term cooperation and makes every effort to improve the quality and effectiveness of interaction with our partners. Understanding the importance and responsibility of projects for the business of our customers, PWI always clearly and constructively fulfills its obligations.


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Address: 117198, Moscow, Samora Machel str., 2A , suite 737

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PJSC "ROSBANK" Moscow, Russia