Development of extension modules for Wowza Streaming Engine

Customization is part of the fun !

Despite the fact that the Wowza Streaming Engine platform is not freely distributed software and it is impossible to get the source code of a media server, the developer is provided with all the tools necessary to integrate Wowza with third-party systems and develop its own software solutions based on the Wowza Streaming Engine. The Wowza license includes two well-documented application programming interfaces (APIs):

  • Wowza Streaming Engine REST API
  • Wowza Streaming Engine Java API

REST API , more focused on the integration of Wowza with third-party management consoles and web services. Suffice it to say that the Wowza Streaming Engine web-based management console also uses the REST API for internal front-end communication with the engine. At the same time, the Java API allows you to create modules for expanding the basic functionality of a media server. The Wowza Streaming Engine software is developed in Java and only the use of the Java API makes it possible to modify the behavior of the system and add unique functionality, work with stream oblects on low level, record them with a specific logic and form the final video image dynamic.

PWI has a staff of developers and has many years of experience adapting the Wowza Streaming Engine to address the specific tasks of our customers. In addition to custom development, we also offer a range of ready-made solutions for various recording, protection, load balancing and publishing streams, which you can learn more about on this page.