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PWI Dynamic SMIL Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine

Distribution of VOD content via HTTP streaming method has a lot of advantages against regular download and progressive download methods. To get the maximum benefits of HTTP streaming and increase viewers comfort VOD content should be delivered as multibitrate stream (ABR). Viewer's player or device automatically selects a proper bitrate (rendition) to play accordingly with the current network conditions. HTTP ABR streaming with Wowza requires a special file with metadata - so called SMIL file, to be created for each VOD asset and put on HDD along with each video file. SMIL file creation is a manual process of editing XML files. PWI Dynamic SMIL Addon module simplifies this workflow and not to create SMIL files. You just put your MP4s on the disk and get the link for player. The module is also suitable for selection of language in different audio tacks of MP4 file.
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