Build your own video CDN with Wowza Origin-Edge and Load Balancer Addon

2015-06-03 09:40:00

Wowza 4 Load Balancer Addon (download) allows to build geographically distributed streaming infrastructure with the minimal efforts. For detection of geographic place were the viewer is located Load Balancer supports full payable edition of MaxMind GeoIP Country database as well as it’s free of charge version - GeoLite Country (download)

After installing Wowza Streaming Engine in Origin – Edge network topology and applying Load Balancer Addon all play requests from the viewers will be redirected to their nearest Edge server. This will significantly increase the quality of streaming and reduce traffic costs of international traffic. Configurable rules define country to Edge server bindings. And one other important capability is to configure thresholds of connections number and total bitrate could be defined for each of Edge servers. This will make your streaming system safe from network bottlenecks by redirecting all viewers to the different Edge server when the available bandwidth is near to it’s end. Failover scenario is supported by Wowza Origin-Edge as well. So by applying all these options you could build your private CDN network.

Some notes on applying Load Balancer: were not able to configure just country load balancing without applying connections and bandwidth rules. Edges just stops to send their status to LoadBalancer server. This looks like some not documented specifics of Load Balancer Addon. The next item is about not default 1935 port on the Edges. It should set in LoadBalancer configuration specifically, even if 1935 port is not defined in VHost.xml as a streaming port at all. The free online Word to HTML converter lets you compose a clean and tidy HTML code for your website. Please leave this message unchanged or subscribe for a htmlg membership.