About PWI company

The Russian company PWI Ltd was founded in 2003 to provide contract software development services to foreign customers. Starting from 2008 the company has concentrated its efforts on the video streaming solutions and on the development of interactive video services for the Internet. A key difference of all our projects is the usage of streaming server Wowza Media Server, expertise in which became the main specialization of the company. Our knowledge and successful experience has been recognized by Wowza Media Systems, the creator of media streaming software. Wowza Media recommends us to its buyers as a trusted by years consultant on Wowza products. Besides working on client projects the company offers several unique solutions, which extend the basic capabilities of media server. During the work the products and services have been delivered to hundreds of customers from Russia, USA, England, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany and other countries.

The company has its own staff of qualified specialists in programming, web development and development for mobile platforms iOS/Android, system administration of Windows/Linux, as well as working in cooperation with the contract partner organizations.

PWI Ltd is interested in a stable and long-term cooperation and strives to improve the quality and efficiency of interaction with our partners. Realizing the importance and responsibility of projects for our clients' businesses, the company PWI Ltd has always clearly and constructively discharged its obligations.