Licenses, systems integration and technical support of Wowza Media Systems software

Our company is an official partner of the American company Wowza Media Systems LLC. We offer the supply of licenses for the entire range of Wowza Media software. Our staff will advise on the choice of license type and hardware configuration, help customer’s specialists install and configure Wowza, or install the software turnkey. We also provide subsequent technical support of the deployed system.

Basic information about the Wowza Streaming Engine and technical software specifications are available here. "Main about Wowza Streaming Engine"

You can learn about licensing types of Wowza Streaming Engine in the article "Wowza Streaming Engine licensing options"

Wowza Streaming Engine Pro perpetual licenses and Maintenance & Support plans

SKU Product Price
SK-00000127 Wowza Streaming Engine Pro - 1 Year Support $2,000.00
SK-00000128 Wowza Streaming Engine Pro - 3 Year Support $2,960.00
SK-00000132 Wowza Streaming Engine Pro Custom (USB) - 1 Year Support 1 $3,345.00
SK-00000133 Wowza Streaming Engine Pro Custom (USB) - 3 Year Support 1 $3,960.00
SK-00000130 1 Year Wowza Pro Maintenance and Support $300.00
SK-00000129 3 Year Wowza Pro Maintenance and Support $965.00
SK-00000190 Gold Annual Support 2 $6000.00
SK-00000189 Silver Annual Support 2 $1200.00

1. When purchasing a Wowza Streaming Engine Pro Custom (USB) license, an administrative fee of $ 500 (SKU SK-00000113) is added to the total cost of licenses.

2. Gold Annual Support and Silver Annual Support premium technical support plans require an active Maintenance and Support contract. They do not replace it, but supplement it. An premium technical support plan is purchased one for all licenses with active Maintenance and Support.

Licenses for 1month or longer period (Wowza Streaming Engine Pro Pay-as-You-Go licenses )

SKU Product Price
SK-00000213 Wowza Streaming Engine Pro annual license $125 в месяц ( $125x12 = $1500 )