Corporate streaming infrastructure development

Corporate security standards of most large enterprises do not allow the use of open Internet communication channels or public content delivery services (CDN networks) for the transfer of any corporate data and video in particular. In this case, the solution to the problem of video stream delivery should be achieved by means of the company's own IT infrastructure and the Wowza Streaming Engine software is ideally suited for this. Building a corporate infrastructure for streaming broadcasts, designed for a large number of simultaneous viewing of live broadcasts and recordings of previous broadcasts, from geographically distributed regional offices and production sites of the organization, is one of the main scenarios for using the Wowza Streaming Engine.

Let's look on a few typical tasks:

  • Broadcast of the head's appeal to the employees.
  • Broadcast videoconferencing meeting,
  • Broadcast a Zoom, Skype for business or MS Teams meeting,

The following must be considered:

  • Optimization of traffic within the system to reduce the load on data channels and service equipment.
  • Redirecting part of the flows to nodes deployed in the regions where the company’s divisions are located. This allows you to connect more regions to viewing broadcasts and not force them to receive data from only one data center in the central office.
  • Load balancing between system nodes, if some of them are not able to provide the required number of connections.
  • Creation of a fail-safe cluster using a node redundancy scheme so that in the event of a failure of a certain number of nodes the overall system’s performance was not affected.

Wowza Streaming Engine provides all the necessary features for this, and PWI specialists, who have significant experience in participating in such projects, are always ready to advise customer’s employees or to take over the entire range of work for themselves.