Wowza GoCoder app allow to publish live stream any iOS or Android device

2015-01-10 22:12:00

Wowza Media Systems company released free apps for mobile devices - Wowza GoCoder for iOS and Wowza GoCoder for Android. New apps allow to publish live video stream to Wowza media server from iOS or Android mobile devices connected to the internet via WhiFi or 3G/4G cellular network. This was always possible to use free Adobe FMLE encoder for live stream publishing from PC/MAC desktop. But now with GoCoder encoder release it becomes possible to build full functional broadcast platform with the minimal expenses. The application has intuitive user interface, but for the even more use comfort of untrained user it supports configuration via web server. A user needs to open a web page or e-mail message, click to the URL - and the app is ready to publish the stream. The app has re-connection logic in case of the network temporary failures. The stream is not published to server if GoCoder process is not active, this prevents from uncontrolled mobile cam video publishing.