Software solution developed by PWI was put into operation by NGENIX

2015-12-09 00:00:00

Developed by PWI Ltd solution for fault-tolerant publishing of master streams was put into operation by NGENIX - the leading Russian provider of CDN (Content Delivery Network ) services.

Decentralized cloud platform own and operated by NGENIX allows to deliver video on demand, stream live , distribute digital content and speed up sites load time. NGENIX is recognized as an official streaming partner of  Wowza Media Systems since 2010 year and uses Wowza Streaming Engine for video content delivery.  The system developed by PWI Ltd extends Wowza Streaming Engine's built in capabilities and allows uninterruptible publishing from an independent sources of primary and secondary signals.

"Functionality of the technical solution and level  of support provided by PWI Ltd complies with our standards in full” Dmitry Krikov , the technical director ( CTO ) of NGEIX said.

“We note with satisfaction that our development will expand the range of services and provide an additional level of security to one of the largest CDN operators” – Alexey Ostroumov said, the director of PWI Ltd .