PWI Ltd completed the development of the innovative video service for QPN LLC


Russia, Moscow, July 05, 2013 – PWI Ltd and QPN LLC would like to announce the launch of a new cloud based internet service ( which allows users with the desktops, smartphones or tablets to capture and share video clips while you're streaming your event.

Russia, Moscow, July 05, 2013 – Video becomes the most important type of the Internet content but the memory of the conventional user overwhelmed with tons of information, is very short and fragmented. Clip thinking is the present Internet user reality, that’s why we turned to PWI Ltd, known for their technical expertise, and asked them to develop video service which helps to highlight and share only the most important pieces of video streams, says Andrew Hayes, CEO of QPN LLC. PWI Ltd is proud to participate in the QPN initiative and provide its streaming technologies,  told Alexey Ostroumov,CEO of PWI Ltd.